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Medical Engineering
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JEE-Adv Revision Test Series 2018

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Test Series Schedule  - During Session 2017-18 (Validity till 31 May 2018)
Test Type
Test Code
Revision Test-1
Units 1 to 6
Revision Test-2
Units 7 to 12
Revision Test-3
Units 13 to 18
Revision Test-4
Units 19 to 24
Revision Test-5
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-6
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-7
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-8
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-9
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-10
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-11
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-12
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-13
Full Syllabus
Revision Test-14
Full Syllabus
Units Physics Chemistry Mathematics Class
1 Essential Mathematics, Units & Dimensions, Vectors Atomic Structure Logarithm and Modulus Function 11
2 Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimension, Projectile Motion, Relative Motion  Periodic Table Quadratic Eqaution 11
3 Circular Motion, Newton's Law of Motion, Friction  Chemical Bonding Trigonometric Ratios 11
4 Work, Power & Energy  Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Redox and Volumetric Analysis  Trigonometric Equations 11
5 Momentum, Center of Mass, Conservation of Energy & Momentum  Gaseous State  Progressions 11
6 Regid Body Dynamics, Rotational Motion Chemical equilibrium  Permutaion and Combination 11
7 Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Gravitation Acid Base, Ionic equilibrium  Binomial Theorem 11
8 Properties of Matter,  Elasticity, Surface Tension, Viscosity, Hydrostatics, Fluid Dynamics Chemical Energetics Point and Straight Line 11
9 Calorimetry, Thermal Expansion Classification & Nomenclature, Isomerism (Except Optical Isomerism and Tautomerism) Circle 11
10 Kinetic Theory of Gases, Law of Thermodynamics GOC-1 (Brief Idea of Electronic Displacement Effects) Hydrocarbons (Preparation Methods, Physical and Chemical Properties without Optical Isomerism Application) Parabola 11
11 Heat Transfer  s-block Elements Ellipse and Hyperbola 11
12 Transverse Waves , Longitudinal Waves ,Doppler's Effect in Mechanical Waves  p-block elements [Part-1(Boron and Carbon Family)], Hydrogen and It's Compounds Properties of Triangle and Radii of Circle 11
13 Electrostatics ,Gauss Law Chemical Kinetics, Nuclear Chemistry  and Surface Chemistry Function & Inverse Trigonomeric Functions 12
14 Capacitance & Capacitor Electrochemistry  Limit and Continuity of Function 12
15 Current Electricity, Heating Effect of Current Solid State, Solution and colligative properties Differntiabilty and Differentiation 12
16 Magnetic effect of Current General Organic Chemistry, Optical Isomerism and Tautomerism Application of Differentiation #1 [Tangent & Normal, Mean Value Theorems and Rate Measurement] 12
17 Electromagnetic Induction Hydrocarbons Application of Differentiation #2 [Monotonicity, Maxima and Minima] 12
18 Alternating Current  Halogen Derivatives Indefinite Integration 12
19 Reflection Plain & Spherical Surface Aromatic Chemistry, Alcohal, Ether and Phenol Definite Integration 12
20 Refraction on Plain Surface, Prism Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic Acid and It's Derivatives, Nitrogen Compounds and Amines Area under the Curves and Differential Equation 12
21 Refraction on Curved Surface, Lense, Optiocal Instrument Carbohygrates, Amino Acid, Protien and Polymers, Practical Organic Chemistry Prababilty 12
22 Light Waves, Interference of Light, Co-ordination Compound, Metallurgy  Complex Number 12
23 Atomic Structure in Modern Physics, Matter Waves & De-Broglie p-block elements [Part-2(Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen Family and Noble Gas )] Matrices and Determinats 12
24  X-Ray, Photo-Electric Effect, Radioactivity, Nuclear Physics, Vernier Callipers, Screw Gauge Salt/Qualitative Analysis, Transitional Elements Vector and Three Dimensional Geometry 12
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