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Medical Engineering
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AIIMS Major Test Series 2018

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Our objective is to provide you a yearlong constant practice with the feasible coverage of the topics, chapter and unit as per the syllabus. Our test pattern and level is organized and scientific which elevates the academic levels of the student.

Course Description 
Tests provided by Career Point’s Online Test Series for AIIMS are based on the latest pattern and teaching methodology. Additionally, you can compete and compare yourself with the best brains of the nation. This would assist you know your actual preparation level and find out how much more effort is essential to do well.
Online Test Series for AIIMS - 2018
Test Series Schedule  - During Session 2017-18 (1st Year)
Test Release Date Test Type Test Code Syllabus
01-Jun-2017 Minor Test - 1 MJ-1 Full Syllabus
01-Jun-2017 Minor Test - 2 MJ-2 Full Syllabus
01-Jun-2017 Minor Test - 3 MJ-3 Full Syllabus
01-Jun-2017 Minor Test - 4 MJ-4 Full Syllabus
01-Jun-2017 Minor Test - 5 MJ-5 Full Syllabus
Full Syllabus
Alternating Current, Atomic Structure in Modern Physics, Calorimetry, Capacitance & Capacitor, Center of Mass, Circular Motion, Communication system, Conservation of Energy & Momentum, Current Electricity, Diffraction of light, Doppler's Effect in Mechanical Waves, Elasticity, Electrical Instruments, Electro Magnetic Wave, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrostatics, Energy, Fluid Dynamics, Friction, Gauss Law, Gravitation, Heat Transfer, Heating Effect of Current, Hydrostatics, Interference of Light, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Law of Thermodynamics, Lens, Light Waves, Longitudinal Waves, Magnetic effect of Current, Magnetism, Matter Waves & De-Broglie, Momentum, Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimension, Newton's Law of Motion, Nuclear Physics, Optical Instrument, Photo-Electric Effect, Polarisation, Power, Prism, Projectile Motion, Properties of Matter, Radioactivity, Reflection on Curved Surface, Reflection on Plain Surface, Refraction on Curved Surface, Refraction on Plain Surface, Relative Motion, Rigid Body Dynamics, Rotational Motion, Screw Gauge, Semi-conductor & Electronics, Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Sound wave, Surface Tension, Thermal Expansion, Transverse Waves, Units & Dimensions, Vectors, Vernier Callipers, Viscosity, Wave Motion, Work, Work, Power, Energy, X-Ray

Acid Base, Alcohol, Amino Acid, Aromatic Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Biomolecules, Carbohydrates, Carbonyl Compound, Carboxylic Acid and It's Derivatives, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Energetics, Chemical equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Classification & Nomenclature, Co-ordination Compound, Electrochemistry, Ether, Ether and Phenol, Gaseous State, GOC, Halogen Derivatives, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen and It's Compounds, Ionic equilibrium, Isomerism (Except Optical Isomerism and Tautomeris, Metallurgy, Nitrogen Compounds and Amines, Nuclear Chemistry, Optical Isomerism and Tautomerism, p-block (Boron and Carbon Family), p-block (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen, Noble Gas), Periodic Table, Phenol, Physical and Chemical Properties without Optical I, Polymers, Practical Organic Chemistry, Protein and Polymers, Redox and Volumetric Analysis, Salt-Qualitative Analysis, s-block Elements, Solid State, Solution and colligative properties, Surface Chemistry, Transitional Elements
Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Kingdom, Animal Tissues, Biodiversity and it's conservation, Biological Classification, Biomolecules, Biotechnology and It's Applications, Biotechnology-Principles and Process, Body Fluids and Circulation, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Cell-The Unit of Life, Chemical Control and Integration, Chemical coordination and Integration, Cockroach, Digestion and Absorption, Ecosystems, Environmental issues, Euglenoid, Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Health & Diseases, Human Reproduction, Locomotion and Movement, Microbes in Human Welfare, Mineral Nutrition, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Neural Control and Coordination, Organism and Population, Origin & Evolution of Life and Mutation, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Plant Growth and Development, Plant Kingdom, Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Protozoa, Reproduction in Organisms, Reproductive Health, Respiration in Plants, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Strataigy for Enha in Food Prod, Microbes in HW, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, The Living World, Transport in Plants 
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