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Medical Engineering
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NEET 2018-20

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    Online Test Series for NEET [AIPMT] 2018 - 2020

   [2 Yrs Test Series for class XI undergoing Students]
            Test Series Schedule  - During Session 2018-19 (1st Year)

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Part Test - 1 PT1 - XI Unit-1 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 2 PT2 - XI Unit-2 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 3 PT3 - XI Unt-3 NEET [AIPMT]
Minor Test - 1 MT1 - XI Unit-1,2 & 3 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 4 PT4 - XI Unit-4 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 5 PT5 - XI Unit-5 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 6 PT6 - XI Unit-6 NEET [AIPMT]
Monir Test - 2 MT3 - XI Unit-4,5 & 6 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 7 PT7 - XI Unit-7 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 8 PT8 - XI Unit-8 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 9 PT9 - XII Unit-9 NEET [AIPMT]
Minor Test - 3 MT5 - XI Unit-7,8 & 9 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 10 PT10 - XI Unit-10 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 11 PT11 - XI Unit-11 NEET [AIPMT]
Part Test - 12 PT12 - XI Unit-12 NEET [AIPMT]
Minor Test - 4 MT7 - XI Unit-10,11 & 12 NEET [AIPMT]

Revision Test -1 RT-1 Units 1 to 6 NEET [AIPMT]
Revision Test -2 RT-2 Units 7 to 12 NEET [AIPMT]

Major Test - 1 MJ1 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
Major Test - 2 MJ2 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
Major Test - 3 MJ3 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
Major Test - 4 MJ4 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
Major Test - 5 MJ5 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
Major Test - 6 MJ6 Full Syllabus - XI NEET [AIPMT]
                      During Session 2019-20 (2nd Year)
                      Students will be promoted to 1 Year Test Series.
Units Physics Chemistry Biology Class
1 Essential Mathematics, Units & Dimensions, Vectors Atomic Structure Diversity in Living World I : The Living World, Biological Classification 11
2 Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimension, Projectile Motion, Relative Motion  Periodic Table Diversity in Living World II: Plant Kingdom 11
3 Circular Motion, Newton's Law of Motion, Friction  Chemical Bonding Diversity in Living World III: Protozoa, Euglenoid, Animal Kingdom 11
4 Work, Power & Energy  Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Redox and Volumetric Analysis  Structural Organization in Plants: Marphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowring Plants 11
5 Momentum, Center of Mass, Conservation of Energy & Momentum  Gaseous State  Structural Organization in Animals: Animal Tissues & Cockroach 11
6 Regid Body Dynamics, Rotational Motion Chemical equilibrium Cell Structure and Function I :  Cell-The Unit of Life 11
7 Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Gravitation  Acid Base, Ionic equilibrium  Cell Structure and Function II :  Biomolecules, Cell Cycle and Cell Division 11
8 Properties of Matter,  Elasticity, Surface Tension, Viscosity, Hydrostatics, Fluid Dynamics Chemical Energetics Plant Physiology I : Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutition 11
9 Calorimetry, Thermal Expansion Classification & Nomenclature, Isomerism (Except Optical Isomerism and Tautomerism) Plant Physiology II : Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Respiration in Plants, Plant Growth and Development 11
10 Kinetic Theory of Gases, Law of Thermodynamics GOC-1 (Brief Idea of Electronic Displacement Effects), Hydrocarbons (Preparation Methods, Physical and Chemical Properties without Optical Isomerism Application), Purification of Organic Compounds Human Physiology I : Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases 11
11 Heat Transfer  s-block Elements, Enviornmental Chemistry Human Physiology II :  Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Locomotion and Movement 11
12 Transverse Waves , Longitudinal Waves ,Doppler's Effect in Mechanical Waves  p-block elements [Part-1(Boron and Carbon Family)], Hydrogen and It's Compounds  Human Physiology III : Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Control and Integration 11
13 Electrostatics ,Gauss Law Chemical Kinetics, Nuclear Chemistry  and Surface Chemistry Reproduction I : Reproduction in Organisms 12
14 Capacitance & Capacitor Electrochemistry  Reproduction II : Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 12
15 Current Electricity, Heating Effect of Current Solid State, Solution and colligative properties Reprodution III : Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health 12
16 Magnetism,Magnetic effect of Current General Organic Chemistry, Optical Isomerism and Tautomerism Genetics I : Principles of Inheritance and Variation 12
17 Electromagnetic Induction Hydrocarbons Genetics II : Molecular Basis of Inharitance 12
18 Alternating Current  Halogen Derivatives Evolution : Origin  & Evolution of Life and Mutation 12
19 Reflection Plain & Spherical Surface Aromatic Chemistry, Alcohal, Ether and Phenol Biology in Human welfare I : Health & Diseases 12
20 Refraction on Plain Surface, Prism Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic Acid and It's Derivatives, Nitrogen Compounds and Amines Biology in Human welfare II : Startegies for Enhancement in Food Production, Microbes in Huamn Welfare 12
21 Refraction on Curved Surface, Lense, Optiocal Instrument Carbohygrates, Amino Acid, Protien and Polymers, Practical Organic Chemistry, Chemistry in everyday life Biotechnology : Biotechnology - Principles and Process, Biotechnology and It's Applications 12
22 Light Waves,Interference of Light, Diffraction, Polarisation Co-ordination Compound Ecology and Enviornment I : Organism and Population 12
23 Atomic Structure in Modern Physics, Matter Waves & De-Broglie p-block elements [Part-2(Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen Family and Noble Gas )] Ecology and Enviornment II : Ecosystems 12
24 Photo-Electric Effect, Radioactivity, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductors and Electronics, EM Waves, Communication Systems  Transitional Elements, Metallurgy  Ecology and Enviornment III : Biodiversity and it's consevation, Enviornmental issues 12
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